Got Gunk? The Easiest Way To Remove Sticky Residue From Surfaces

Hey Guys! It’s a snowy, cold day here in Missouri so I’m working inside on recycling my old essential oil bottles and thought I’d let you in on my favorite method for removing the nasty, sticky residue from the old labels.

I love to reuse my essential oil bottles! I keep them on hand for creating my own roller blends, for diluting oils if I need to, and especially for sharing samples with all the people who want to try essential oils.

Today, I wanted to dilute some Panaway and put a roller cap on so I could easily roll it over any sore muscles or on my neck when I have a headache. I had an old Sleepyize bottle on hand, but I didn’t want my husband mistaking my Panaway for a child-friendly oil and putting it on Branson by mistake! So I took the label off…only to be left with so much label residue, it made my fingers stick to the bottle. 😐

Cue me grabbing one of my favorite oils! LEMON! It’s so versatile…you can cook with it, clean with it, refresh your senses with it…it’s fantastic. I highly recommend keeping some Lemon oil on hand if you don’t already!

So I grabbed my Lemon oil, my roller fitment, an old flour sack towel and my sticky bottle and got to work. It literally took me about 10 seconds to remove the residue completely. At first I tried using a carrier oil (avocado) because I thought it would keep from allowing too much of the Lemon oil being absorbed into the towel, but I realized quickly that just straight Lemon oil works best!

So you just drip the oil onto the sticky area, take the thin towel and work it off! SO EASY. You’re left with a shiny, completely new feeling bottle to use.

I hope this helped you!! Enjoy using Lemon for all the things from now on. Seriously, I’ve used it to get sticky tape residue off of painted wall where my husband had a bulletin board hung. I’ve used it to remove price tag residue from gifts before I gave them. I’ve seen it used for removing heavy oils stains from carpets! I told you. Allllll the things.

What’s your favorite multi-purpose oil? How do you use it in unique ways??

Enjoy your weekend!

XO, Jessica

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