Easiest Broth You’ll Ever Make

So today is Day One of a three-day broth ONLY extravaganza. I have made it to noon exactly and as I’m listening to my toddler chow down on his grain-free quesadilla across the room, I think I might cry.

Not really…but I have now had two big mugs full of broth and my stomach is no more satisfied than it was before. So as rough as this feels today (I know it’ll be easier tomorrow) I plan to stick it out, because if I can’t do this how am I supposed to survive GAPS this year!?

I’m about to throw some more broth into my Instant Pot (best. broth. ever.) and I thought I’d share my process with you guys, and maybe even give you something new to try this week!



If you don’t know what the purpose of broth is, or how healing broths and stocks can be, I think I’ll write up a post on that soon to explain more in-depth. For now though, suffice to say that you can change the course of your body’s journey with this liquid gold. Broth, made from the bones and meat of animals, works to heal and re-seal the gut lining which is damaged by so many things we come into contact with daily.

Some things that can disrupt our microbiome are refined sugars, stress, GMOs, improperly prepared grains, preservatives, and many many more! How does gut damage affect us? Well, our gut makes up about 80% of our immune system. Our skin, mentality, and nerve health all reflect our gut health. Anxiety? Food allergies? Eczema? These are all signs of a damaged gut. Again, I’ll go into more detail on this soon! 

Today, I’m keeping it warm in the Crock Pot so I can sip all day!

Are you ready to make broth via the quickest (and easiest) method available? Seriously, you can’t mess this up!

So my broth was made with locally aquired meaty chicken bones, pasture raised. The quality of your bones is important, but my husband will tell you any broth has its benefits 😉 (and it does).

  1. I had about 4.5-5lbs total, all frozen in one package. I thawed the package enough to break the block in half so it would fit below the IP’s “Max Fill” line. If you have veggies (or scraps) to throw in, now would be the time! I don’t have any veggies ready so I’m doing chicken only with this go-round.
  2. Fill just above the bones with filtered water and put a couple or so TBS of apple cider vinegar in.
  3. Set the Instant pot to “soup/broth” and change it to three hours. When it’s finished, let it naturally release the pressure before you open the Instant Pot. Then you’ll need to run the broth through a strainer/cheesecloth/etc., to filter the bones and large pieces out.
  4. At this point, you can pick out any cooked meat and add it back into the broth. Or you can use it in meals or feed it to your animals. Your choice!
  5. Cool to room temp before you store it in the fridge. OR you can just pour it back into your Instant Pot, set it to “Keep Warm” and sip on it all day long! I season mine with salt, ground pepper and Nutritional Yeast.

Viola! You have now made the easiest (and fastest) broth ever. Enjoy all those healing benefits!

Branson loves it so much, he asks me to refill his cup with my own!

If you’ve made broth before, what are your favorite vegetables to add?

♥ Jessica

PS. I also did a round two, I just mashed on the bones a little, and then put them back in, covered with water and added ACV. Three more hours, natural release, filter and cool down. Still lots of goodness left!

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