Mini Amazon Prime Haul – Home Basics We Purchase on Amazon Prime

Branson LOVES opening any packages we get – it’s like Christmas to him. 😀
One of my favorite sweet treats.
The chicken salad I made with Primal Kitchen Mayo – mine on sprouted sourdough and Branson’s on Siete grain-free tortillas.

Last night I brought in my most recent (well, half of my most recent) Amazon order. 

My husband and I are Amazon Prime members so by paying a certain amount per year, we get free two-day shipping, quicker processing times and I think we might also get a discount on overnight shipping (if it’s available).

Things I love purchasing through our Prime account are bulk toiletries, bulk foods, Branson’s toys, our personal care products, and a lot more – it is so easy and fast. This particular shipment included a four-pack of Hu bars (on sale with a FOUR DOLLAR OFF coupon!), our regular non-toxic shampoo and conditioner, a new dry shampoo (for brown hair)
from the same company, some grassfed beef snack sticks, and a two-pack of Paleo mayo – one regular and one chipotle lime flavored. I’ve never used this brand of mayo, so I’m interested. I like to make my own but the convenience (and the flavored one) pulled me in!

As far as toiletries go…

Acure is a regular brand in our house. It is the first nontoxic brand of shampoo I’ve used that leaves my hair feeling like it used to, before I stopped using major brands. I also haven’t had a dermatitis break-out since I’ve used this specific Lemongrass shampoo/conditioner, so I just use this scent continuously. It has no synthetic fragrance yet smells sooo good! Lots of Spring vibes.

I’m excited to try Acure’s dry shampoo now too. I’ve used one other powder dry shampoo by the brand Nuvian Heritage, and it worked (and smelled) great…but was white. Which doesn’t work great on a brunette LOL.

Now for my personal favorite…the FOOD!

So if you’re anything like me, and you love chocolaty treats but hate the crappy ingredients (refined sugar, soybean oil, etc.) you NEED a Hu bar. Just one. Just one tiny, scrumptious square and you will be hooked for life. I’m actually eating one as we speak LOL. I got this box for FOUR DOLLARS OFF when I clipped the little green coupon! Click here to get my favorite flavor, Hazelnut Butter!

I typically purchase Epic brand grassfed snack bars or Nick’s Stix…but I just discovered these Mighty Organic ones – they have some great ingredients and I love to try different brands out. We have tried them since they arrived yesterday, and they’re very tasty!! Nice and soft so great for Branson as well, definitely nothing like the chewy texture of beef jerky.

Primal Kitchen is a very popular brand of Paleo staples. I don’t love all of their products, but I was curious about their pre-made mayo so I tried it. I bought this two pack for just under $20. I’ve yet to taste the chipotle lime mayo, but we used the regular mayo yesterday to make chicken salad for lunch and it wasn’t bad! It did have a bit of a…musty aftertaste? So I think the flavored will be better, though my chicken salad ingredients did a good job covering that odd flavor up. And I’ll probably stick to making my own regular mayo in future. 

Hope this was interesting! I just think it’s cool to see what other people order or use on a regular basis, so this a peek inside our home! Let me know if you want to see the second half or I can post when we do a larger haul too. 🙂

XO, Jessica

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